Sandrine Voros, DR2 INSERM
TIMC Laboratory
Computer Assited Medical Interventions (CAMI) team
Research activities
My research activities focus on laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical technique. More specifically, I focus on innovative solutions for the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, but the proposed methodology could be applied to other surgeries. 

The approach consists in identifying the specific challenges linked to this surgical intervention, in order to bring the surgeon solutions (based on robotics, imaging, modelling and surgical navigation) that will help him bring his patient an optimal therapeutic response. My ultimate goal is the capacity to demonstrate a medical benefit of the proposed solutions for the patients, through clinical evaluations. 

My scientific interests principally lie in computer vision, image analysis, medical robotics and machine learning. 

For more details on my research project, you can refer to my current and past projects.
  • Active involvment in the Labex CAMI coordinated by TIMC-IMAG since 09/2012
  • Active involvment in the Laboratoire Commun between TIMC-IMAG/GMCAO and SurgiQual Institute (since 02/2014)
  • Member of the 2013-2017 editorial team du Yearbook of Medical Informatics (IMIA) : in charge of section «Sensor, Signal and Imaging Informatics»
  • Regular involvement in the activities of the Excellence Center for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions 
  • Reviewer for journals IEEE TPAMI et MedIA, and for conferences MICCAI, IEEE ICRA, IEEE/RAS-EMBS BIOROB, ... 

  • Education
  • Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory (Dr. G. Hager)
  • PhD thesis on the image-based control of a robotic endoscope holder (see my PhD mansuscript for more details)
  • Centrale de Nantes Engineering school