Sandrine Voros, CR1 INSERM
TIMC-IMAG Laboratory
Computer Assited Medical Interventions (CAMI) team
PhD students
Arnaud Huaulmé
Started in 2014   Modelling of surgical procedures
Anthony Agustinos   Started in en 2012   Fusion of laparoscopic and fluorescence images
Rémi Wolf   Defended in 06/2013   Quantification of the quality of a surgical gesture based on a-priori knowledge (PhD manuscript in French)
Postdoctoral fellows
Guillaume Custillon
since 2010   Fusion d'images of laparoscopic and ultrasound images for radical prostatectomy
Brahim Tamadazte   01/2011-10/2012   Conception of a global vision system for laparoscopy, camera calibration, 3D reconstruction of organs
Zijian Zhao   02/2010- 01/2012   Calibration of a robotic endoscope holder, localization of surgical instruments based on image analysis
Since 2009, I've had the pleasure to supervise several interns who participated in the advancement of my different research projects: Abderrahmane Abed, Stéphanie Gendreau, Bérengère Giroud, Florian Grenier, Margaux Janier, Oriol Ordi. 

If you are looking for an internship, a PhD or a postdoctoral position, check the job offers page and don't hesitate to send me an email with your C.V. and a cover letter.
Teaching activities
  • Lecture on "Medical Applications from Images", Ensimag 3rd year (Engineering school)
  • Introductions to the CAMI field, Télécom Physique Strasbourg, TIC-Santé Alternance 3rd year (Engineering school)
  • Université Joseph Fourier, Master 2 Research « Engineering for Health and Medicine » 
           - Introduction to the field of "Augmented Endoscopy"
           - Medico-economic evaluation of innovative devices for Health: case study of the ViKY® robotic endoscope holder