Magali Richard (PI), for more details, see my CV.

Computational biologist specialized in experimental and theoritical genetics.

CNRS research associate (CRCN), computational biologist

Contact: magali.richard[at]

Clémentine Decamps (co-direction with Daniel Jost, LBMC, ENS Lyon)

Computational biology of cancer epigenetics

PhD student in bioinformatics

Contact: clementine.decamps[at]

Yasmina Kermezli (financed by the EIT Health)

Data challenge & Benchmarking (HADACA and COMETH EIT Health projects)

Postdoc in bioinformatics

Contact: yasmina.kermezli[at]

Slim Karkar (financed by the MIAI institute),

Mutliomic data integration and tumor heterogeneity quantification

Postdoc in biostatistics

Contact: slim.karkar[at]

Fabien Quinquis

Genetic regulation of tumor heterogeneity

Master 2 internship

Contact: fabien.quimquis[at]


Alexis Arnaud (2020), Engineer, data challenge (financed by the Data institute of grenoble)

Milan Jacobi (2019), Master student, DNA methylation statistical analysis

Bahareh Afshinpour (2019), Engineer, DNA methylation data treatment & analysis

Raphael Bacher (2018), Engineer, data challenge (financed by the Data institute of grenoble)

Arthur Waguet (2018), Master student, Signal treatment & cancer heterogeneity

Paul Terzian (2017), Master student, computational biology of cancer epigenetics