Interpool downloads

The naming scheme is: interpool-YYMMDD.tar.gz, where YY is year, MM is month and DD is day of release.
Additionally, interpool-latest.tar.gz is a symlink that should always point to the latest release.
Older versions are left for reference, but you should generally use interpool-latest.tar.gz.
I'ld be happy to get any feedback (see my contact info).



I am also providing here the Xin et al (Genome Research, 2009) Supplemental Data file in tar.bz2 format: this archive's content is identical to the Suppl Data zip file available on the Genome Research website, but it may download faster as it is much smaller (2.7Mb vs 8Mb).
The archive contains a version of interpool (almost identical to interpool-080121, all changes are documented), as well as a lot of other stuff that may be helpful when trying to understand or implement the STD approach.

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