Maturity assessment of software-driven medical technologies: a quantitative score derived from a quality standard for the research phase *


Quantitatively assessing the level of readiness of medical technology improves its chance of successfully transfer from research to industry but remains a challenge. As many innovative medical devices are associated with or incorporate software, this article presents a methodology for evaluating the software maturity of a "Software-driven Medical Technology" (SdMT) during the research phase. A technological maturity model is developed by methodologically extracting relevant terms from the ISO/IEC 62304 standard, the main industry standard for medical device software, and results in a list of required software engineering artifacts. This list and the relative weight of the artifacts are used to establish a software maturity score for SdMT and the corresponding assessment questionnaire. The consistency of the model is demonstrated by analyzing the obtained score system relatively with the standard. The maturity score of a SdMT can be assessed during the research phase and depends on the number and importance of the artifacts already present at the time of evaluation. Clinical relevance : The proposed quantitative maturity score can help the medical technology innovation actors (clinicians, researchers and industrials) to better identify, improve and fasten the readiness of technology for clinical investigation and technology transfer.

45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC)