I am a Post-Doc at the Computer-Aided Surgery group (GMCAO: Gestes Médico-Chirurgicaux Assistés par Ordinateur) of the TIMC-IMAG laboratory with Yohan Payan and Pascal Perrier. My current research focuses on a three-dimensional biomechanical model of the tongue in the context of tongue mobility and speech production after tongue cancer surgery and reconstruction. I completed my PhD at the Center for biomedical and healthcare engineering of the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne working with Stéphane Avril and Pierre Badel. My thesis work involved computing the biomechanical response of lower leg veins to elastic compression in order to address some of the issues relating to the mechanisms by which Medical Compression Stockings achieve their medical functions.

Contact information

Pierre-Yves ROHAN
TIMC-IMAG Laboratory
Université Joseph Fourier - CNRS UMR 5525
Pavillon Taillefer
Domaine de la Merci
38706 La Tronche, France
Email: pierreyves.rohan@live.fr


Curriculum vitae in French

Last update : January 19, 2014