Research Summer School 2013

Software and Statistical Methods for Population Genetics (SSMPG 2013)

Aussois, Vanoise national park, June 17th-21st





How to get there



The aim of the summer school is to provide a comprehensive overview on software and statistical methods for population genetics. Lecture notes and software demos will be held during the summer school. The three topics of the summer school are: population structure, demographic inference, and selection scan. The summer school will take place from the 17th of June (arrival on Monday afternoon) to the 21st of June (end of the school on Friday morning after breakfast).

The summer school will take place in Aussois, a charming, small village in the Vanoise National Park (French Alps). The remote setting, along with the challenging program, were chosen to promote and enhance the communication and interaction between teachers and participants. Lectures and software demos will provide the necessary environment to generate lively discussions and initiate new synergies among the young researchers.

There are around 10 slots of 20 minutes oral presentations as well as two poster sessions where the participants are welcomed to present their own research.


Contributed talks
1. Golden prize - Thibaut Capblancq (UJF Grenoble)
2. Silver prize - Pierre de Villemereuil (UJF Grenoble)

1. Golden prize - Elise Lucotte (MNHN Paris)
2. Silver prize - Cecile Gracianne (INRA Rennes)


Monday June 17th

Arrival of the participants

19h30-20h30 Dinner

Tuesday June 18th

Selection scan

09h00-09h45: Introductory lecture about selection scan by Oscar Gaggiotti

09h45-10h30: Software demo

BayesScan by Matthieu Foll (pdf presentation)

10h30-11h00: Coffea/Tea Break

11h00-12h30: Software demos

hapFLK by Bertrand Servin (pdf presentation)

SelEstim by Renaud Vitalis (pdf presentation)

12h30-14h00: Lunch time

14h30-16h00: 4 contributed talks (20 minutes each including questions)

16h00-16h30: Coffea/Tea Break

16h30-19h30: Interaction between speakers and participants

19h30-20h30 Dinner

20h30-22h00 Poster session

Wednesday June 19th

Population structure

09h00-09h45: Introductory lecture about population structure by Mattias Jakobsson

09h45-10h30: Software demo

Structure and CLUMPP by Mattias Jakobsson

10h30-11h00: Coffea/Tea Break

11h00-12h00: 3 contributed talks (20 minutes each including questions)

Olivier François
Inference of Admixture Coefficients Using Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithms
Nicolas Duforet-Frebourg
Non-stationary patterns of isolation-by-distance: inferring measures of local genetic differentiation with Bayesian kriging
Marie Leys
Spatial genetic structure of the alpine mayfly Baetis alpinus

12h15-18h30 Picinic and hike
in the Vanoise National Park around the Orgère hut

20h00-24h00 Banquet (pierrade) and dancing

Thursday June 20th

Demographic inference

09h00-09h45: Introductory lecture about demographic inference by Mike Hickerson

09h45-10h30: Software demo

MTML-MSBAYES by Mike Hickerson

10h30-11h00: Coffea/Tea Break

11h00-12h30: Software demos

Inferring trees of population divergence with Kim_tree by Mathieu Gautier

Migraine by Raphael Leblois (pdf presentation)

12h30-14h00: Lunch time

14h30-15h30: 3 contributed talks (20 minutes each including questions)

Thibaut Capblancq
Speciation, hybridization, and introgression along an altitudinal gradient in a butterfly species complex
Patricia Landaverde
Biodiversity loss in Mesoamerica: Investigating the impact of habitat fragmentation onbees. Genetic diversity of Lasioglossum (dialictus) bees from Yucatán
Yvan Le bras
Negotiate the digital bend of Life Sciences through Virtual Research Environments

15h30-16h00: Coffea/Tea Break

16h00-18h00: Interaction between speakers and participants

18h00-19h00: 3 contributed talks (20 minutes each including questions)

Pierre de Villemereuil
Genome scan methods against more realistic models: when and how much should we trust them?
Anne-Laure Ferchaud
Population genomics of adaptive divergence in three-spine stickleback using sequenced RAD tags
Kevin Leempoel
A multiscale landscape genomics analytical framework to identify local adaptive variation in the Buckler Mustard

19h00-19h30: Prices for best talk and poster

20h00-21h00 Dinner

Friday June 21st

Departure  after breakfast

Contact and organization:

Michael Blum, CNRS research associate, laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, UJF Grenoble

Laurence Desprès, laboratoire d'écologie alpine, UJF Grenoble