BCM - Computational and Mathematical Biology  


Helena Martins (2015-.) Ph.D student. With O François. Control of false discovery rates in scans for selection.

Keurcien Luu (2014-.) Ph.D student. Large-scale data analysis for whole-genome scans of selection.

Thomas Dias-Alvez (2014-.) Ph. D student. With J. Mairal. Machine learning methods for haplotype phasing and genotype imputation.

Om Kulkarni (2013-.) Ph.D student (Intercrossing ITN Marie Curie network). With O. François. Bioinformatic analyses of next generation sequencing data from hepatitis C virus.

Agnès Sjöstrand (2012-.) Ph.D student. With E. Heyer and M. Jakobsson. Genetics of human taste perception.



Katalin Csilléry (2009-2010) With O. François and O. Gaggiotti. Method and software development for ABC. Postdoc INRA Avignon (France)

Ph. D.

Nicolas Duforêt (2011-2014) Bayesian statistics for ascertaining local genetic differentiation and detecting genes involved in local adaptation. Postdoc Univ. Berkeley (USA)

Flora Jay (2008-2011) With O. François. Bayesian methods for population genetics; relationships between population genetic structure and environment. PhD Manuscript. Postdoc Berkeley (USA) and MNHN (Paris)


I-Hung Lee (2015) Erasmus Mundus BioHealth Computing. Goodness-of-fit for Approximate Bayesian Computation and applications for investigating speciation in Coenonympha butterfly species.

Agnès Sjöstrand (2011) Master Biosciences, Lyon. Investigating models of African population divergence with ABC.

Sahal Houssein (2011) Master MASS, Grenoble. Comparative analysis for binary traits.

Flora Jay (2008) Master ISM, Grenoble. Bayesian methods for population structure.

Gerald Forhan (2007) Master ISM, Grenoble. Deterministic models of admixture.