LocalDiff software (formerly Friction)

LocalDiff provides Bayesian measures of Local Genetic Differentiation to characterize non-stationary patterns of isolation by distance.

        Phyteuma_hemisphaericum Non-stationary patterns of isolation by distance arise when genetic differentiation between populations (or between individuals) increases at different rates in different regions of the the species range. Typical patterns include barriers to gene flows, secondary contact zone, corridors for gene flow, or gradients of gene flow across the species range.

Using bayesian kriging, we provide estimates of local genetic differentiation across the species range. Typically measures of differentiation includes Fst and correlation measures.

Figure on the left: Local genetic differentiation for the alpine plant species Phyteuma hemisphaericum. Local differentiation values are larger in a large region of the central and Western Alps.
Data from Gugerli et al. 2008

Download the latest version of LocalDiff (September 2013)


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