Matthieu Chabanas


I am associate professor at Ensimag, school of computer science and applied mathematics of the Grenoble Insitute of Technology, France.

I try to equally split my time between research and teaching (usually 200 to 250 hours per year).


My main courses are mostly (undergraduate and graduate, without any order):

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Objet Oriented Programming (UML, Java, C++, Python)

  • Imperative Programming in C, Python

  • 3D Graphics (OpenGL, GLSL, GPU)

  • Various student projects about: Ogg Vorbis decoder, Jpeg decoder, MIPS assembler & simulator, GPGPU in Cuda, Image processing, …

Many ressources (in french) could be found in the Ensimag's “EnsiWiki” page. Others are in the “Kiosk” (restricted access).

Student projects

I have also proposed/supervised student projects related to my research topics, for example:



  • Detecting fracture of the Pelvis by 3D mesh analysis (Raphaël Bayle)



  • Interactive Medical Image Segmentation Using Snakes (Thomas Dias-Alves, Benoit Jehanno, Céline Menezo, Pierre Pfister)

Feel free to contact me if you are interested!