Matthieu Chabanas


Research interests

My research topics are mostly Biomechanical Modeling and Medical Simulation, their evaluation with clinical data and images, and their actual use in Computer-Aided Applications.
This includes various competences from image processing (segmentation and registration) to mesh registration and FEM simulation (numerical methods, GPGPU optimization).



  • Pablo Arturo Alvarez Corrales (nov 2016 - ) Imaging and modeling for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
    Co-supervision with Jean-Louis Dillenseger (LTSI, Rennes) and Yohan Payan

  • Mehdi Boudissa (dec 2015 - ) Virtual reduction of complex fractures
    Co-supervision with Jérôme Tonetti (Grenoble Univ. Hospital, Orthopaedics-Traumatology)

  • Fanny Morin (oct 2014 - oct 2017) Biomechanical simulation for intraoperative guidance in neurosurgery
    Co-supervision with Hadrien Courtecuisse (ICube, INRIA MIMESIS, Strasbourg) and Yohan Payan.


  • Hadrien Oliveri (2015) Virtual fracture reduction of the acetabulum using a rigid body biomechanical model.

full list (from 2014)


  • SINTEF, Ultrasound and Image Guided Therapy group, Trondheim, Norway (I. Reinertsen, T. Selbekk)

  • Grenoble Univ. Hospital, Neurosurgery (O. Palombi)

  • Grenoble Univ. Hospital, Orthopaedics-Traumatology (M. Boudissa, J. Tonetti)

  • Icube, INRIA/MIMESIS, Univ. Strasbourg, CNRS (H. Courtecuisse, S. Cotin)

  • LTSI, Univ. Rennes, INSERM (J.L. Dillenseger, P. Haigron)

Former collaborations: Toulouse Univ. Hospital, Maxillofacial surgery (C. Marecaux, F. Boutault), Biomechanics lab Toulouse (P. Swider), ECE Dept. UBC Vancouver, Canada (S. Fels), NUS Singapore (S.H. Ong), …

Ongoing projects

Here are examples of some of my current projects (to be completed…).

Biomechanical modeling of the brain shift for intra-operative guidance in neurosurgery


  • Biomechanical modeling of brain tissues

  • Tracking cerebral vascular tree using intraoperative ultrasound

  • Model-driven elastic registration of the brain, based on vascular trees

  • Interactive update of preoperative MR images

  • Intraoperative ultrasound imaging (B mode, Doppler, Elastography)


  • PHC AURORA 2015-16, France - Norway exchange program with SINTEF, Norway

  • Labex CAMI, co-funding of a PhD thesis with ICube, Univ. Strasbourg, CNRS, France

  • Labex FLI-WP3, Collaborative project with ICube, Univ. Strasbourg, CNRS, France

Brain mesh from MRI images Inner structures of the FE model Tumor and vascular tree Intraoperative US

Virtual planning for acetabular fractures

The aim of this project is to develop a patient-specific surgical simulator to enhance the diagnosis, planning and treatment of complex fractures of the pelvis.


  • Segmentation of bone fragments from CT images

  • Semi-automatic classification of the fracture

  • Modeling of the hip joint & surgeon tools, using multi-bodies simulation

  • Interactive simulation of surgical procedures

CT image of fractured acetabulum CT image of fractured acetabulum with 3D model CT image of fractured acetabulum with 3D model 3D simulation of the reduction 3D simulation of the reduction

Imaging and modeling for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)

This project will start late 2016, with the PhD thesis of Pablo Corrales. He will be co-supervised by Jean-Louis Dillenseger (LTSI, Rennes), Yohan Payan and Matthieu Chabanas (TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble). It will be held in parallel to the PhD Thesis of Simon Rouze, MD, Medical Resident in Rennes.

Keywords: image processing (segmentation, enhancing), biomechanical modeling of the lung, 3D registration, augmented reality, VATS, CBCT.