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Cell Modeling: Coupling Architecture and Chimics

Academic Journals

  1. J. Demongeot, A. Lontos, E. Promayon. Discrete Mesh Approach in Morphogenesis Modelling: the Example of Gastrulation. Acta Biotheoretica, 64(4):427-446, November 2016. (more) doi pdf
  2. J. Demongeot, J. Gaudart, A. Lontos, J. Minsta, E. Promayon, M. Rachdi. Zero-diffusion domains in reaction-diffusion morphogenetic & epidemiologic processes. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 22(2), February 2012. (more) doi pdf

Book Chapters

  1. E. Promayon. Modéliser les cellules comme des objets déformables 3D couplant biomécanique et chimie. N. Glade, A. Stéphanou (eds.), Chap. 15, pp. 133-154, Éditions Matériologiques, September 2013. (more) download
  2. P. Tracqui, E. Promayon, P. Amar, N. Huc, V. Norris, J. -L. Martiel. Emergent Features of Cell Structural Dynamics: a Review of Models Based on Tensegrity and Nonlinear Oscillations. In Modelling and Simulation of Biological Processes in the Context of Genomics, P. Amar, F. Képès, P. Tracqui (eds.), pp. 160-189, Platypus Press, Paris, 2003. (more) pdf
  3. E. Promayon, J. -L. Martiel, P. Tracqui. Physically-Based 3D Simulations of Cell Deformations and Migrations. In Polymer and Cell Dynamics - Multiscale Modeling and Numerical Simulations, W. Alt, M. Chaplain, M. Griebel, J. Lenz (eds.), pp. 125-138, Birkhäuser, December 2003. (more) pdf
  4. P. Tracqui, E. Promayon, T. Sauvaget, V. Norris, J. -L. Martiel. Tensegrity and Oscillations: Exploring Some Constitutive and Emergent Features of Virtual Cell Models. In Modelling and Simulation of Biological Processes in the Context of Genomics, P. Amar, F. Képès, V. Norris, T. Tracqui (eds.), pp. 203-221, Génopole D'Évry, 2002. (more) pdf

International Conferences

  1. J. Demongeot, A. Henrion-Caude, A. Lontos, E. Promayon. General architecture of a genetic regulatory network. Applications to embryologic control. In ECAL'11, Advances in Artificial Life, Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, T. Lenaerts, M. Giacobini, H. Bersini, P. Bourgine, M. Dorigo, R. Doursat (eds.), Pages 1-8, 2011. (more) pdf
  2. M. Tayyab, A. Lontos, E. Promayon, J. Demongeot. Modelling and Image Processing of Constriction and Proliferation in the Gastrulation Process of Drosophila melanogaster. In Proc. IEEE Workshops of Int Advanced Information Networking and Applications (WAINA) Conf 2011, Pages 473-477, 2011. (more) doi pdf
  3. E. Promayon. Cell modelling: combining 3D biomechanics and chemistry. In Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Patterns from Mathematics to Biomedical Applications, March 2010. (more)
  4. A. Carra, J. -L. Martiel, E. Promayon. Virtual Adhesive: a Way to Handle Sticky Collisions in Surgical and Biological Simulators. In 4th Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and PHYsical Simulation (VRIPHYS), J. Dingliana, F. Ganovelli (eds.), Pages 11-20, November 2007. (more) doi pdf
  5. E. Promayon, J. -L. Martiel, P. Tracqui. Physically-Based 3D Simulations of Cellular Traction Forces, Migration and Cytokinesis of Cells Adherent to an Elastic Substratum. In SFB-Workshop on Simulations of Polymer and Cell Dynamics, Bonn, June 2000. (more) pdf

National Conferences

  1. A. Lontos, E. Promayon, J. Demongeot. Biomechanical 3D Simulation of the Gastrulation/Invagination Process. In 32ème Séminaire de la SFBT, http://sfbt-2012.imag.fr/seminaire.html, June 2012. (more)
  2. A. Carra, E. Promayon, J. -L. Martiel. A Physically-Based Model for Cell Plasticity and Motility. In Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques, JOBIM2005, 2005. (more) pdf
  3. E. Promayon. Modélisation 3D Basées Sur La Physique Et L'infographie de Cellules Et de Leurs Milieux. In Dynacell 2000, DYNAmique Et Migration CELLulaire : de L'expérience Aux Modèles, École de Printemps, April 2000. (more)


  1. A. Lontos. Modélisation et Simulation 3D de la Morphogenèse - 3D Modeling and Simulation of Morphogenesis. PhD Thesis Université de Grenoble, December 2013. (more) download
  2. E. Promayon. Modèles physiques discrets pour le vivant (Modéliser et simuler les phénomènes biologiques et les gestes médico-chirurgicaux). Habilitation à diriger des recherches. Université Joseph Fourier, December 2008. (more) download
  3. A. Carra. Modèle Physique Discret Et Systèmes Différentiels: Vers L'élaboration D'un Simulateur Cellulaire. PhD Thesis Université Joseph Fourier, April 2008. (more) download

Master's thesis

  1. A. Lontos. Biomechanical 3D simulation of the invagination process. Master's theses Université Joseph Fourier, June 2010. (more)
  2. A. Carra. Modélisation Et Simulation de Systèmes Biologiques Complexes Par Un Modèle Physique. Master's theses Université Joseph Fourier, June 2004. (more) pdf
  3. G. Jouffroy. Simulation de La Croissance Cellulaire. Master's theses Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, June 2003. (more)
  4. E. Simonin. Collision D'objets Élastiques. Master's theses Université Joseph Fourier, September 2002. (more) pdf
  5. T. Sauvaget. Modélisation Et Simulation 3D Des Interactions Cellules/matrices. Master's theses Université Joseph Fourier, September 2001. (more) pdf

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